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At Lavender Valley Farm we offer exclusive field rental to Professional Photographers. Our farm has over 2000 lavender plants, tree lined trail with daisies and wild flowers, feature photo spots, and custom greenhouse with trellis.  There are many lush and beautiful spots at LVF for your perfect shots.

All professional photographers must purchase a photography field rental licence in order to secure their scheduled field rental at LVF.

1 hour photography field rental license is valid for a maximum of one client (ie: one person/brand/family being photographed) there is an additional licence required for additional clients. 

Once your photography field rental licence has been purchased you will receive an email from LVF with confirmation and our Guideline and waiver  contract.


Our rental fields will be available exclusivley to Professional Photographers ONLY and select time slots will be available early mornings and evenings once our fields are closed to the public.

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